We believe that by taking an empirical approach to our work, we are better able to apply our critical thinking to the research and advocacy work that we undertake.


The WFE is the definitive source for exchange-traded statistics.

We publish over 350 market data indicators, ranging from statistics on exchange traded products such as equities, derivatives and ETFs to granular data on IPOs, and the WFE’s Median Simple Spread liquidity indicator. Crucially, access to our statistics database is free, as we believe that this information should be available to all.


The WFE conducts research into areas of relevance for its global membership base, either independently or in conjunction with partners.

We have published reports and studies into the rapidly evolving exchange and CCP landscape covering Our research covers a range of areas including: public policy, technology, SMEs, emerging markets, market structure and sustainability.

Regulatory Affairs

The WFE champions effective rules for the modern, global economy and its future growth.

We update members on legislative developments, analyse evidence, encourage debate and seek outcomes that maximise the common good. We also engage with major policymakers in an open, collaborative way, reflecting the central, public role that exchanges and CCPs perform in an internationally integrated financial system.

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